Eighth Annual Historic Canyon Road Paint & Sculpt Out Saturday, October 17th, 10am -4pm

Art Walk
Friday, October 16th, 5pm

paint out photos

Every so often an event comes along that no one should miss. The Historic Canyon Road Paint & Sculpt Out is one of them.

Every year, on the third Saturday of October, hundreds of artists bring paint, easels, clay, carving tools, fire, fibers, beads, precious metals, and stone to Canyon Road for the iconic event. Continuing a hundred year tradition, artists line the road to create new work “en plein air” and involve onlookers in the process.

The natural beauty of the pure mountain air, the ethereal quality of the light, and the clear vistas have proven an irresistible draw to artists for more than a century. The Paint & Sculpt Out brings together all these elements for one glorious autumnal weekend.

Each year, wonderful new elements are introduced to the “Paint Out”. In 2014, sculptors were added to the roster, and many revealed their fascinating processes for the first time on Canyon Road. This year, the event is open to all creative artists including glass blowers, fiber artists, jewelry designers, weavers, carvers, and potters.

Many take inspiration from Canyon Road’s carefully preserved historic adobes and gardens. Belly dancers, riders on horseback, passers-by, live musicians, and a festival parade with marching bands provide subject matter for others.

Friday Evening: Most galleries will be open late with artist receptions, demonstrations, and new exhibits. Take time to meet the artists and preview their work. Restaurants and many boutiques, designer jewelers, galleries and shops will be open late.

The event is organized by the Canyon Road Merchants Association with support from Business Sponsors.

Contact: CRMA | 369 Montezuma #270 | Santa Fe, NM 87501 | crma.sf@gmail.com | (505) 795-5703

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Canyon Road Artists
82 of the 200 artists expected at this year's event are represented by Canyon Road Galleries. Click on the gallery links to preview their work.

Acosta Strong Fine Art | 640 Canyon Road
Jack Dunn
Jim Jennings
Robert Reynolds

Adobe Gallery | 221 Canyon Road
Cham Benvenutti

Alexandra Stevens | 820 Canyon Road
George E. Griffith
E. Melinda Morrison
Jody Rigsby
Ken Smith M.D.
Ruth Valerio

Art of Russia | 225 Canyon Road
Rus Hinman
Valery Kosorukov

Barbara Meikle Fine Art | 236 Delgado Street
Barbara Meikle

Bill Hester Fine Art | 621 Canyon Road
Jane Filer
Susanna Hester
Georgeana Ireland
Sean Wimberly

Brad Smith Gallery | 634 Canyon Road
Luis Espiridion
Lisa Linch
Toru Oba
Brad Smith
Kelsie Smith
Oscar Zamarripa

Canyon Road Contemporary | 403 Canyon Road
Amanda Banker
Travis Black
Doug Gillis
Mark Horst
Jeff Metz
Lydia Piper
Bonnie Teitelbaum

Carole LaRoche Gallery | 415 Canyon Road
Jill Shwaiko

Casweck Galleries | 713 Canyon Road
Lorraine Alexander
Chuck Volz
Joe Wayne

Charles Azbell Gallery | 203 Canyon Road
Ryan Benally
Deborah Martin

Gallery 901 | 708 Canyon Road
Eddy Shorty
Angel Wynn

Greenberg Fine Art | 205 Canyon Road
Joseph Breza
Michael DeVore
Bernard Franz
Karol Mack
Lange Marshall
Richard Weinstein

GVG Contemporary | 241 Delgado Street
Kathleen Hope

Karan Ruhlen Gallery | 225 Canyon Road
Martha Mans

Mark White Fine Art | 414 Canyon Road
Mark White

McCall Fine Art | 716 Canyon Road
Preston McCall

Ronnie Layden Fine Art | 901 Canyon Road
Ronnie Layden

Roybal - Fine Art SF | 924 #5 Paseo de Peralta
James Roybal

Sage Creek Gallery | 421 Canyon Road
Sandra Boschet
Kang Cho
Bill Gallen
Charles Irrabino
Linda Kyser Smith
Michelle Torrez

Selby Fleetwood Gallery | 600 Canyon Road
Margi Lucena

Silver Sun | 656 Canyon Road
Lee MacLeod

Tansey Contemporary | 652 Canyon Road
Max Neutra

The Longworth Gallery | 530 Canyon Road
Steve Failows

Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths | 656 Canyon Road
Gary Smathers

Ventana Fine Art | 400 Canyon Road
John Axton
Frank Balaam
Jennifer Davenport
Barry McCuan

ViVO Contemporary | 725 Canyon Road
Joy Campbell

Waxlander Gallery | 622 Canyon Road
Javier Barbosa
April Deming
Suzanne Donazetti
Matthew Higginbotham
Andrée Hudson
Sandy Keller
Sharon Markwardt
Patrick Matthews
Tracee Matthews
Mike McKee
Christopher Owen Nelson
Marshall Noice

Wiford Gallery | 403 Canyon Road
Barry Thomas

Winterowd Fine Art | 701 Canyon Road
Jamie Kirkland
Bonnie Spear

Photo: Earth Balance Photography

Photo: Earth Balance Photography


Our Parade is dedicated to Pat Burns, recently passed & beloved SFPS Music Educator
Santa Fe High Guitarists
El Camino Real 3rd Grade Wildcat Choir
Aspen Community Magnet School Elementary Choir
Santa Fe Youth Symphony Mariachi Estrella
Kearny Elementary Choir
Ortiz Middle School Choir
Acequia Madre Elementary Choir
Gonzales, Aspen, and Capshaw Orchestras
El Camino Real Wildcat Band

Our Parade Guests
Dr. Joel Boyd, Superintendent of Santa Fe Public Schools
Santa Fe Mayor Javier M. Gonzales
Cabinet Secretary Veronica Gonzales, NM Department of Cultural Affairs

Student Gallery Performances

Caffe Greco/Jacqueline’s Place, 233 Canyon Road– El Dorado Elementary Choir
Ventana Fine Art, 400 Canyon Road – Sweeney Elementary Cougar Choir
Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 403 Canyon Road – Acequia Madre Elementary Band
Sage Creek Gallery, 421 Canyon Road – Aspen Community School Elementary Choir
Bill Hester Fine Art, 621 Canyon Road – Gonzales Community School Orchestra
William and Joseph Gallery, 727 Canyon Road – ATC Marimba and String Bands
Pippin Contemporary, 200 Canyon Road - DeVargas Middle School Choir

Art of Russia Gallery, 225 Canyon Road – Ortiz Middle School Strings
Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 403 Canyon Road – Santa Fe High School Guitarists
Sage Creek Gallery, 421 Canyon Road – Santa Fe Youth Symphony Elementary Strings
Bill Hester Fine Art, 621 Canyon Road – Capital High Jaguar Pride Band
William and Joseph Gallery, 727 Canyon Road – ATC Marimba and String Bands